Other Vessels:

17' Boston Whaler

Dump Trucks

Mini and full size Excavators




The Fleet of Equipment at GMMS


Green Mountain Marine Services

The Landing Craft 

Green Mountain Marine Services Landing Craft was built in 1954. Formally known as the "Mr. Bob," the landing craft has gotten a new paint job and many upgrades including an on-board crane.  It is powered by two Detroit 671's and is ready to move anything from construction equipment to rocks for a new sea wall. If you are on Lake Champlain and ever thought you needed barge services, this is it -- we are a barge for hire that comes without the added cost of a tugboat and our crew is fully experienced. 

  • 40' Long "Belly" 
  • Carrying capacity of 35 tons
  • Hydraulic gate for ease of access
  •  Spuds
  • 43' 12,000lb capacity deck mounted hydraulic crane

Push Boat and Sectional Barges

Making dredging projects of all sizes happen. Our standard Barges are 50x25 raked on one end and capable of carrying of 100,000LBS with up to 4 spuds to make any job happen. the barges are pushed around by our 24' steel push boat with 500hp to really move things around, the push boat also is capable of holding smaller equipment up to 5000lbs making it a very productive vessel

The Mako- GMMS's own Dive boat

 a 20' foot Mako does lots of jobs for GMMS, Equipped with push knees and a small crane makes it handy for moving crew and hosting divers.