Need a unique piece of equipment to get the job done?

No problem, we'll make it happen.

Concrete Division


Design and Build

With our diverse background and skillsets no job is impossible. We are prepared to engineer and build the tools and equipment needed to get the job done right. 

Pile Driving

We primarily use an air hammer and have custom pile driving equipment that can drive pilings up to 12 inches in diameter, with extensive experience driving pilings well over 50 feet deep

We also host a diverse fleet of equipment that makes covering all aspects of a job possible, especially in those hard to reach places. 

Green Mountain Marine Services

Here we have a steel 'Salvage Ladder' Engineered and built in-house that was used to lift a pick up truck off the bottom of the lake that had fallen through the ice on Mallet's Bay. 

GMMS hosts a unique array of concrete equipment specializing in reaching remote locations. Our Prima 415 mini concrete truck is capable of mixing up to two yards of concrete in one batch with an on board water tank, all wheel drive and all wheel steering and a self loading hopper for dry mix. It is a handy and versatile addition to our fleet. We also have a ground pump capable of pumping up to 500 feet with pea stone aggregate as well as a few mobile electric concrete mixers.