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Lucas Campbell - Owner and Captain


Crane Services Vermont!

 We have several cranes in house including Ruff Terrain, boom trucks and barge mounted  and are fully Insured with certified operators, riggers, and signalman on staff,  we have pile driving equipment as well. 

What we do - Services

Specializing in Marine construction, site work, and excavation.

              Green Mountain Marine Services is the Champlain Valley's premier maritime specialist. We specialize in remote access projects on any body of water. Our fleet of vessels ranges from 13' Boston whalers to 56' Landing crafts making any location accessible. We are a team of professionals ranging from architects to licensed Captains. We make every project in Vermont and New York achievable. We have accomplished many project ranging from dredging, to water front camp restorations to Lake Champlain clean up projects, work boat and yacht deliveries and more. 

At Green Mountain Marine Services we specialize in marine construction on and off water. We are willing to tackle a whole project or work side by side with fellow contractors. Our unique equipment allows us to accomplish jobs cheaper and more efficiently than others., 

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 Vermont's Marine Contractors

Unique and Diverse Fleet

With a full fleet of equipment we are more than capable of tackling a wide range of projects. From boats large and small, excavators, cranes, skid-steers, dump trucks, cement mixers, and more!

Mobile Welding in Vermont!

We are fully capable of satisfying all your welding requirements, Mobile welding in Vermont is our specialty, we work on and off the water, Everything from major structural welding such as travelift slip repair down to skidder fender repair. 

Our Specialties  


Crane Services in and out of water

Certified Pier Tech Helical Piling Installers

Natural Shoreline Erosion Control Certified

NSECC in the State of Vermont

Submarine Power Cable Installation

Water Intake installation/servicing line both commercial residential

Lake Champlain bottom cleanup

Mechanical Dredging

Remote accesses construction

Seawall construction

Mooring installations

Island Site-work

Commercial and Residential Site-work

Breakwater installation

General Contracting including all general construction projects

House and Camp construction

Boat ramps

House jacking

Foundation work

Water systems

Drainage systems

Marina servicing

Fire wood deliveries

Island camp/cabin work

Concrete work



Steel Fabrication

Commercial Dock installations

Pile Driving

Salvage work

Site/Land clearing

Fully-consultative approach

USCG Licensed

Pre-installation inspections

Home delivery

Take on difficult and unusual projects 

Detailed inspection reports

Green Mountain Marine Services